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Law Central Legal is a commercial law firm providing quality legal advice and documentation for all of your commercial and estate planning needs.

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Commercial Law

Headed by John Wojtowicz, a commercial lawyer with over 27 years experience, the team at Law Central Legal understands the challenges faced by businesses through all stages of their lifecycle. From setting up the best structure at the outset, to preparing sale agreements to sell the business when you are ready to leave and all commercial transactions in between, Law Central Legal has you covered.
We can assist you with:

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Estate Planning

At Law Central Legal we understand the complexities and sensitivity involved in protecting personal assets, assets held in trusts and business assets and the many possible threats or disputes that may arise in the event of your own or a family member’s death or loss of capacity. It can be an extremely daunting exercise and we are receptive to this.

Our highly qualified and approachable Estate Planning team will ensure that estate and non-estate assets pass to your intended beneficiaries, assets transition in a tax effective manner, guardians are appointed for your minor children, suitable executors and attorneys are appointed to manage all affairs and finally that all vulnerable beneficiaries are protected. 

Our estate planning service delivers a holistic approach to our clients’ personal and financial affairs. We work closely with our clients, their accountants and advisors to develop and implement a comprehensive and strategic plan for the transition of their personal wealth and trust and company structures in the event of death or incapacity. 

Independent Solicitor's Certificate

It is common practice for banks and other financial institution on new or refinanced loans to require the borrower and/or guarantor to obtain an Independent Solicitor's Certificate.

An Independent Solicitor's Certificate provides the bank or other lender with a degree of assurance that the guarantor understands the purport and effect of the transaction, including risks, and is in a position to make a free choice about proceeding with the transaction, knowing those risks.

If you're considering becoming guarantor to a loan, Law Central Legal can provide you with the necessary advice so you can make a considered and informed decision on whether, or not, to enter into such a transaction.

Law Central Legal can provide a guarantor with an:

  1. explanation of the guarantee/loan document and any other ancillary documentation to the transaction; and
  2. Independent Solicitor's Certificate required by the bank/lending institution.

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